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HORRIFIC PAIN of divorce. . .yes, I have been there, and twice.

In my 30's. . . as the "dumper" after a long and difficult marriage, and in my 40's as the "dumpee".  Both events were traumatic, yet life changing eventually in a positive manner.  

The pain of a miserable marriage ending in divorce can be as painful as an unexpected ending of a marriage by your spouse with his infidelity.  Both can produce unbelievable heartache and trauma, and life changes for you and any children.  

However, I was able to turn both divorce events into a positive growth opportunity for myself for self-discovery of the real and improved "ME".  You can do the same! Like me, you can look at the traumatic life event as a blessing.

I am a licensed Occupational Therapist, with professional training in mental health.  I definitely did a lot of mental health work on myself during those times.  

GOOD NEWS. . .you can end up shining and with more joy than you have ever known, just like I have!!!  I discovered my true "DIAMOND GIRL" and so can you!

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 My goal is to reach women around the world with unresolved emotional darkness from divorce, or ending of a relationship, and inspire and empower them to transform into bright shining, like the DIAMOND they truly are!  No woman needs to emotionally struggle alone, nor remain in emotional darkness.  My method, the KNIGHT DIAMOND METHOD, and additional resources and community is a ONE OF A KIND, unlike any other divorce program you will find!
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YOU can redirect your focus and take actions out of the darkness of divorce, or ending of a relationship. YOU can transform your single life and emotions, into positive, joyful, and SHINING!



Achieving goals of finding joy and shining have greater success with a community of people focused on the same objectives.  Women. . .you need other women of this community to cheer you on and celebrate your progress and achievements.  Once you achieve your "shining", you need your DIVORCED DIAMOND GIRL Community to help you maintain your polish and shine, and keep you safe and protected.  


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Membership includes the 9 video training course and workbook for the KNIGHT DIAMOND METHOD.   A unique and positive training for transformation out of emotional darkness and in to shining like the DIAMOND girl you truly are.  Follow the same 7 phases of a natural diamond progression to shining. 
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The DIVORCED DIAMOND GIRLS on line community allows women to grow through community connections with your self and other women through the website, through the members only Facebook Group, and through live weekly community coaching calls allowing for training and question and answer opportunities.  Multiple resources are available for growth through instructional video trainings and self-discovery measures, recorded live trainings, and a 38 page workbook with self-discovery to aid in personal emotional growth.  

Self-discovery begins with the KNIGHT EMOTIONAL WELLNESS SELF-ASSESSMENT QUESTIONNAIRE, to aid in awareness of individual emotional levels related to divorce.  Many women carry unresolved emotional darkness throughout their lives, living in denial of underlying negative emotions.  

“RISE AND SHINE", provides an inspirational morning video uplift to start the week off on a positive note.  Plans are underway for a daily RISE AND SHINE, and future book version.  

The KNIGHT DIAMOND METHOD course trainings include 9 video trainings that guide women through the phases of transformation from emotional darkness into shining light, with helpful strategies to aid at each phase.  

Online community memberships aid women in the ‚ÄúCare and Protection‚ÄĚ of the DIAMOND GIRL during and following transformations¬† into ‚Äúdiamond‚ÄĚ completion.¬† The community assists in preventing ‚Äúdulling‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúloss‚ÄĚ of the diamond back into earlier phases of emotional darkness.

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Imagine You Could... 

Imagine you could enjoy SHINING and true joy in life, released from the emotional darkness from divorce.

Imagine you could see or think about your previous spouse, with  NO arising of dark emotions.

Imagine you could feel BRIGHT JOY and SHINING, and fulfilled as a woman, irrespective of being with another individual.


Divorced Diamond Girls


I will guide, inspire, and empower women through the exact path I walked to resolve the emotional baggage from divorce and step forward into joy and bright shining as a DIAMOND!!!

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TRANSFORM from emotional darkness of divorce, through use of the KNIGHT DIAMOND METHOD, following the same phases of a natural diamond transformation, into a shining diamond gem.


self-discovery of your emotional baggage from divorce, and develop strategies to address, resolve and promote shining like a DIAMOND.

 BUILD relationships and connections with other divorced women to preserve and protect the “shining diamond” from dulling, theft, or loss of the “diamond” girl.

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But this is not just another training you take on your own! 

You Are Not Alone

DIVORCED DIAMOND GIRLS is an interactive and collaborative experience!

You will join other divorced women inside the DIVORCED DIAMOND GIRLS Community!

Imagine being surrounded by people who cared about your success...


 Who CHEER YOU on when you win...

PICK YOU UP when you fall. . .

HOLD YOU accountable. . .                                                                              

  A group of women on a mission to TAKE CONTROL of their lives, change their future,

       and find and maintain true joy and SHINING AS A DIAMOND!!!

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When You Join The DIVORCED

 DIAMOND  GIRLS, You Will Get Instant Access To:


  • DIVORCED DIAMOND GIRLS Knight Diamond Method ‚Äď includes course with 9 video trainings guiding transformation from unresolved emotional darkness from divorce, into bright shining like a diamond.¬† Guidance through the 7 phases of transformation that a natural diamond experiences, and journey at your own pace with strategies for growth at each phase. Enjoy the workbook and self-discovery, included in membership, to enhance experiencing the video course.
  • DIVORCED DIAMOND GIRLS¬†Knight Diamond Method Workbook and Self-Discovery¬†- included in membership, to download.¬† The workbook, includes power point text from the video trainings, including strategies for growth at each phase,¬† with additional self-discovery opportunities for action plans and goal setting at each phase.
  • DIVORCED DIAMOND GIRLS¬†Emotional Wellness Self-Assessment Questionnaire ‚Äď access to the electronic copy for free with free opt in, and with membership for exploration and self-discovery of the common emotional challenges from divorce, and numerical ratings of individual emotions and recommendations for action plans.
  • DIVORCED DIAMOND GIRLS¬†Monthly Live Community¬†Group Coaching¬†Events - where divorced women are guided and safely connect with other divorced women for incredible energy, empowerment, validation, and emotional growth from emotional darkness from divorce. Recordings available in membership for review or delayed viewing. Plans for future growth to additional zoom calls, and break out groups for age ranges dealing with "life issues" at different ages.
  • DIVORCED DIAMOND GIRLS "RISE AND SHINE"¬†‚Äď Morning uplift video with the ‚Äúword‚ÄĚ of the week for inspiration and emotional growth. Start your week off inspired!¬† Plans underway to add frequency with goal for 365 daily inspirational videos, with a planned book option.¬†

  • DIVORCED DIAMOND GIRLS¬†Recorded Events ‚Äď access to all recorded events and future additional resources.

  • DIVORCED DIAMOND GIRLS Private Facebook Group ‚Äď exclusive only for the Divorced Diamond Girl member.


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Learn how to SPARKLE LIKE A DIAMOND! I have curated the very best content imaginable, and have organized it into a simple to follow step-by-step training!

Connect with our thriving MEMBER ONLY FACEBOOK  community! Ask questions, get answers, and have fun! NEVER be or feel ALONE AGAIN!

Get regular encouragement, support, and accountability with our monthly GROUP COACHING ZOOM CALLS! You will never be alone and always have the SUPPORT FROM our DIVORCED DIAMOND GIRLS!

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The exact step-by-step process to go from unresolved emotional darkness from divorce to a bright shining diamond!

Here's a sneak peak inside...

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  • Divorced Diamond Girls Knight Diamond Method -Course with 9 video trainings
  • Divorced Diamond Girls Knight Diamond Method Workbook and Self-Discovery
  • Divorced Diamond Girls Emotional Wellness Self-Assessment Questionnaire
  • Divorced Diamond Girls Monthly¬†live Community Group Coaching Zoom¬†Events
  • Divorced Diamond Girls RISE AND SHINE -Weekly inspirational video word of the week
  • Divorced Diamond Girls Recorded Events
  • Divorced Diamond Girls Private Facebook Group

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  • Divorced Diamond Girls Knight Diamond Method - Course with 9 video trainings
  • Divorced Diamond Girls Knight Diamond Method Workbook and Self-Discovery
  • Divorced Diamond Girls Emotional Wellness Self-Assessment Questionnaire
  • Divorced Diamond Girls Monthly¬†live Community Group Coaching Zoom Events
  • Divorced Diamond Girls RISE AND SHINE - Weekly inspirational video word of the week
  • Divorced Diamond Girls Recorded Events
  • Divorced Diamond Girls Private Facebook Group

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No matter where you are in your journey, we have a resource for your next step!



You can ask questions, comment, and join the discussion as soon as you join and are accepted into the group!

It's time to let go of the negative emotions of your divorce, and find shining joy in your future...


You can keep living the status quo, feeling just okay, content, or alright,  or you can take action and do something to change your life for the better and find true joy!

Imagine feeling awesome about yourself, life, and your future as a woman with the divorce truly in the past. Wouldn't that be amazing? It's possible.

I can show you the path to get there when you join today! No long-term contracts, cancel monthly plan anytime! Let's do this...together


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Let's go!


"My goal is to help you FIND TRUE JOY and  EMOTIONAL PEACE from divorce, and provide a supportive community of divorced women to INSPIRE AND EMPOWER you in your life journey. 

I want you to have total control of your emotional health and life after divorce,  and FIND, PROTECT, AND PRESERVE true joy and shining, just like a brilliant diamond!  Your next step is to join DIVORCED DIAMOND GIRLS today!

Brenda Knight
Founder, Divorced Diamond Girls

See you on the inside!